The Inspired Sam Biddle Event 2017

Oh my....what can I say!! As I alluded to in my last post I have just got back from the most fantastically nailtastic weekend with Sam Biddle and some of the Inspired members in Birmingham.

The weekend was full of the most amazing lessons in different techniques of nail art ranging from the use of powder pigment, gel painting, water colour, shadow painting and silk much to cover in just two days but with Sam's technique of teaching in a relaxed and friendly environment meant we were able to dip our toes into each style and were encouraged to find our own style of painting. There was even a sparkly unicorn!! well ok maybe he wasn't more sparkly than multi-coloured but still a unicorn all the same!

I and the other Inspired members were not only treated to these amazing lessons but as the weekend wore on we were treated to the most amazing and generous gifts from some of the industries leading brands. Upon our arrival we were presented with a gift bag full of nail treats from leading brands such as Orly International, Sweet Squared, Be Creative, Nails and Co & Creative Ten and as the days continued these generous gifts continued with further gifts from Harmony UK, CJP and Scratch Magazine. I also loved the little touches with a pamper hamper at the end of our first day with some sweet items to help us relax after the full days learning and makeup to glam up with ready for our awards evening!

The awards evening itself was a relaxed and enjoyable 3 course meal culminating with awards given for many of the members including the most improved member of The Inspired and winners of the homework set by Sam prior to the event along the theme of 30 Shades of Green. My competition entry was based on The Wizard of Oz due to the fact that I can never think of anything but the Emerald City when the colour green is has to be something to do with the umpteen Christmases as a child all those years ago watching The Wizard of Oz on the telly year after year back when we only had 4 channels to watch!!! Any way I digress! here's my entry....

This was the very first time I had ever entered any kind of completion with my nail art and I was so nervous of what would be made of my efforts but my nerves eased as we were all made to feel that all of our entries were of a high standard and although I was not placed, the feedback Sam gave me was invaluable to help me improve my efforts on my next entry which will improve my chances of placing! (ps...ignore the was a bad day and as my other half long and prosper!!!)

Over the two days we were joined by the wonderful Helena Biggs, Editor of Scratch Magazine who was a pleasure to have with us taking pictures and notes for an upcoming 2 page spread in Scratch Magazine. Helena also gave a very informative and interesting talk regarding competition entry and social media and also gave us a signed copy of her new book "Nail Style, Amazing designs by the world's leading nail techs" which has some awesome designs and information. The book can be ordered through Scratch Magazine however is a limited edition should you want to get your hands on a copy.

In short the whole experience of spending 2 days solid with some of the most wonderful and talented bunch of folk was awesome, challenging and rewarding. I would thoroughly recommend Sam's Inspired Online learning if you want to increase your skills in nail art or indeed art in general. although our canvas is a nail plate, all of the techniques taught can also be applied to many other canvas's too. I personally can not wait to recap over the lessons of the weekend and practice the designs and techniques some more to really hone my skills and who day you could be wearing a multi-colour unicorn on your nails or a black shadow cat and one day very soon I will finish my silk Lion and flowers!!!

Until the next time.....

Live long and prosper!!!

Paula xx

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