Data Protection and Data Retention Policy

New legislation will be coming into force as of the 25th May 2018 with regards to the information a business holds regarding its clients, what the business needs the information for and how they process that information either be it the largest global enterprise or the smallest home based Nail Salon. 

Here are Eva Grace Nail Lounge we place our clients and contacts health and well being at the top of our priority and so detailed here is our Data Protection Policy and Data Retention Policy for you to read and digest prior to booking your appointment.

Upon visiting the salon I ask you to complete a Client Record Card which details your contact details, medical history details, contact consent declaration, consent to use any photo's taken of your treatment for social media accounts and health and safety details for the following reasons.


Firstly I collect this information to ensure I can safely perform your treatment taking into account any medical issues / allergies and complications, secondly to be able to contact you with regards your appointments to alter/cancel or remind you of your booking, to be able to showcase my work on social media platforms and finally to give you the best possible aftercare advice to keep your nails as good looking and healthy after treatment.

If you contact me via the website or social media platforms and request a call back / message back, I will retain your contact details for this purpose only. If you consequently decide to book an appointment, you will be asked to complete a Client Record Card. 


If you subscribe to our mailing list you are agreeing to receive Salon updates, blog posts or client offers. Your name and email address will be retained for this purpose alone, should you subsequently visit the Salon you will be asked to complete a Client Record Card.


You can unsubscribe from our Newsletter at any time and opt out, should you no longer wish to receive updates and we will remove your details from our mailing records, if you are a client who comes to the Salon, your information will still be retained on your client card however we will no longer send you a Newsletter moving forward. If you are not a Salon client, your name and email address will be removed and deleted from our systems and records. To unsubscribe you need to notify us either via email at or writing to the Salon at 9 Brierley Close, Howden. DN14 7JB. 

I need to store this data/information on a Client Record Card to comply with my public and product liability insurance and to be able to safely continue treatments, keeping records of all products used should any issues / allergies or problems arise.


I will store this data/information in a locked cabinet that only I have access to and I will not share this data with any third parties. A copy of your Client Card will also be kept in a secure cloud folder in case of loss or damage to your original signed client card.

I will store this data/information for at least 7 years to comply with legal requirements under my insurance obligations but it will be reviewed on an annual basis where you can opt out if you so wish.

You have the right to request to see any or all data/information we hold regarding yourself and to rectify any miss information on your records held. You also have the right to have all data/information deleted and destroyed if you are no longer a client of the Salon provided legal and insurance requirements no longer apply.

If you choose to opt out I will be required to keep your data on file for insurance purposes until 7 years passed your last treatment however will not contact you via any means unless contact is requested by you.

In the case of a minor with parental consent (below the age of 16), Client Record Cards will be kept for 7 years passed the age of 18 or passed your last treatment whichever is the latter.


You can opt out at any time by contacting me in writing to 9 Brierley Closed, Howden. DN14 7JB or via email at


If you decide to opt out and withdraw consent for me to hold data/information about you I will no longer be able to perform any treatments for you due to legal and insurance purposes.


all of the above is detailed within our Client Record Card however you need to have read and understood the points raised above before you sign our Client Record Card.