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Paula Marie Spencer

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Allow me introduce myself, my name is Paula, I am an international award winning nail artist and Educator for and my passion is creating beautiful nails utilising quality, safe products in a relaxing and comfortable environment. I'm Harmony trained to a NVQ level 3 in Liquid and Powder nail enhancements using the sculpting method and my preferred quality brand of use is  Mystic Nails, a widely respected and award winning family run Hungarian manufacturing brand in Europe.

I believe that we all deserve a little pampering from time to time and nothing makes you feel more special than a set of beautifully crafted nails whether those nails are enhanced or natural. I'm also a nail art fanatic and love catching up with the latest hand painted nail art techniques, you can often find me in the nail room on an evening practicing new techniques and coming up with new ideas for my clients to try.

So...if you're interested in taking time out for you.....please do not hesitate to contact me on the number above to discuss a convenient time for your pamper.

I also run classes for students who wish to learn the art of creating nail enhancements and those who wish to up skill their nail art abilities, whether they wish to improve their own work or wish to enter the competition arena.

So what are the services available at Eva Grace Nail Lounge ?

Nail Services



The secret to beautiful hands is in the treatment of the natural nail plate and cuticle area, well groomed fingers are the foundation of a great manicure, whether you prefer a shocking pink glitter manicure or a more natural look. Here at Eva Grace we place the upmost importance on your nail health and at the beginning of every appointment check your nail health and give advice where required.

Within your appointment we will work on your cuticle area to ensure  as much of your nail plate is exposed as possible for a longer more elegant look ensuring your nail is prepped in the appropriate manner for the following nail covering of your choice whether that be a Gel Polish manicure, Acrylic Liquid and Powder extension service or an Acrygel Fill & Form extension service should you so wish.


Gel Toes

So summer has arrived and its time to dig out those toeposts and sandals once more and make your toes sparkle once again. Nothing says summer more than pretty toes in summer shoes. 

We offer comprehensive cuticle work to tidy those forgotten cuticles to expose as much of your natural nail plate as possible, your toe nails will be trimmed and filed into a pleasing shape before your choice of Gel Polish colour is applied. 

Although the expectation of our Gel Polish rangers are up to 21 days wear without chipping or lifting, we find when applied to toe nails the wear will last for many more weeks further.

For those special occasions you can opt to have a little nail art applied for a further charge of £1 per nail.

Manicured Nails

Gel Polish

Nail Harmony Gelish is a market leader in the Gel polish industry. Nail Harmony were the pioneers of Gel Polish and introduced Gelish to the nail industry back in 2010 and turned the industry on its head with its longer lasting, faster drying and smoother finish alternative to nail polish. We also have introduced  Mystic Nails to our armoury.. a family run manufacturing award winning Hungarian brand with numerous nail art options. Here at Eva Grace Nail Lounge we stock many of the most popular colours for you to chose from and our Gel Polish ranges can be applied to the natural nail lasting up to 21 days or can be applied to an extended Acrylic or Fill & Form nail base. To keep your beautiful new manicure looking its best I recommend maintenance appointments every 2-3 weeks and the use of a quality cuticle oil will help to keep your nails, cuticles and manicure in tip top shape and looking as good a the day it was applied.


Liquid & Powder Acrylic

Using the latest techniques in nail extension and sculpting forms. The sculpt method of extending the natural nail creates a stronger extension with less natural nail damage or breakage. Liquid and Acrylic powder extensions are available in "Pink and White" or alternatively try a multitude of different effects and styles with coloured and glitter powders. If you would prefer a gel based extension we also offer Acrygel Fill & Form nail system which gives the strength of acrylic with the flexibility of gel, perfect for under a gel polish. To keep your beautiful new nail extensions looking the best, I recommend return visits to the Lounge every 2 - 3 weeks for maintenance and a rebalance to keep your extensions strong. The use of a quality cuticle oil at least twice daily will keep your nails, cuticles and manicure in tip top shape.


Fill & Form


After the huge successful launch of this amazing product I am pleased to announce we now have this fantastic nail extension gel in stock and available. Acrygel is a hybrid or hard gel and acrylic liquid and powder giving you all of the benefits of both systems without any of the downsides. Fill & Form is as strong as acrylic extensions but without the odour and only hardens when placed in an LED or UV lamp giving much more time to perfect that perfect nail enhancement..... We love it!


Hand Painted Nail Art

We all love a little something extra special from time to time with our manicures, or its an absolute must for some! Nail art is the perfect way to make your manicure of pedicure stand out from the crowd.


We offer many types and mediums of nail art whether that be hand painted, swarovski crystal placement, 3d, 4d, stamping, glitter or foils!

Why not take a little extra time and make your manicure a one of a kind! 

Lash Services

LVL - Lift & Tint

Have you ever wished you had lovely long curly lashes???.....Well you may just have the lashes of your dreams but they just need a little helping hand to be seen in all of their natural glory. Your own lashes but better.

By professionally straightening, lifting and tinting your natural lashes, LVL lash lift gives you the lashes you've always desired. Exclusive to Nouveau Lashes, LVL is about freedom. No mascara, no maintenance, no messing. Just perfect lashes from the moment you wake up.

Treatments take around 45 minutes to an hour and results last for up to 6-8 weeks.

Give your lashes an extra boost twice a day with Last & Brow Conditioning Serum to ensure your lashes remain in tip top condition.

Long Eyelashes

Express Lashes

Make a big impact on big occasions with Nouveau Lashes Express. Three fast-turnaround lash treatments to suit any occasion whether that be a big day, weekend or holiday.

Strip Lashes


Our luxurious strip lashes are beautifully made in different looks with high quality faux lashes which can be applied over makeup or to bare eyes. Simply remove when the party is over. If cared for you can reapply these lashes on several occasions as you will receive the latex lash glue and packaging to keep your lashes safe for future use.

Lash Fillers/Clusters

These eye-emboldening beauties can be worn continuously for up to a week, perfect for that week in the sun.

Lash Extensions

Gorgeous, tapered extensions, applied one by one to your natural lashes. Perfect if you like the look of individual Extend lashes but don't have the time or don't want to maintain your lashes for long term wear.

Eyelash Implants



This is it!! The Ultimate lash treatment for stunning, longer lashes from the moment you awake. If you have shorter or sparse lashes.  

Choose how bold a statement you want to make and we will make it happen, Enhance or amaze.... the choice is yours.

Relax and enjoy the experience, as premium lash extensions are attached one by one to each of your natural lashes, they are feather light and last for up to eight weeks with regular aftercare and maintenance. 

Long Lashes



The creme de la creme of lash enhancements!!

Coming soon!